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Learn more about Mysthill and our ethical farming practises

Happy cows ... delicious dairy products!

Our dairy cows are grazed on lucern and grass pastures and are milked only once daily so there is no pressure on high production, thus eliminating problems for them such as mastitis. The calves are fed by their mothers during the day and separated at night and reunited with their mothers again after milking the following morning. This carries on until the calves are approximately 9 months old and weaned.

Free to roam ...

Our chickens, ducks, sheep and pigs are allowed to roam free to forage, feed and enjoy the green grassy paddocks during the day, then safely penned at night to protect them from predators.

Handmade artisan cheese ...

Our boutique farm, satisfying the growing desire of our customers for old fashioned ‘farm grown’ dairy and meat products. At MYSTHILL FARM we are constantly expanding our range in response to customer requests, and supply a growing number of markets and farmstalls.


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The pricelist is updated every Friday by 5pm, and orders close for processing by 5pm the following Sunday. There will be an admin fee of R70 for all orders below R1000.

Please Note: We only do deliveries to Cape Town on Fridays. Orders close on a Sunday at 5pm. On delivery of your order you will get an invoice with banking details for EFT payment.

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